Instant Water Dispenser 3 Seconds Heating 4 Gear Temperature One Touch Household Appliances

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Instant hot water dispenser Drinking water at your hand Touch the button | 4levels of water temperature Low noise 99% antibacterial rate of the water tank.
Quickly drink aglass of fresh water in 3 seconds Every cup is healthy and fresh water,refuse to reheat thous and sof boiling water.
Smart touch buttons faster and more convenient Say goodbye to traditional physical buttons and bring small intelligence in life.
Smart touch buttons faster and more convenient.

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Product name: Instant hot water dispenser
Product Model: S2302
Product size: 282x142x282 mm
Product net weight: about 1.8kg
Applicable water source: pure water
Water tank capacity: about 3.OL
Product standards: Q/XX 01-2018,GB 4706.1-2005GB 4706.19-2008

Product Parameters

【Quick Heating in 3 secs】Need a quick sip of hot tea or coffee? You can always start to collect heated filtered water in 3 seconds from the instant hot water dispenser! No more waiting for 5-8 minutes to get hot water from an electric boiler. By instantly heating up the individual serving of water volume, there is no repeat heating thus keeps water fresh! Actually S2305 combines the function of pitcher and water boiler in one compact unit! It’s time to say goodbye to your traditional kettle.
【Adjustable Temperatures & Volumes】S2305 desktop water filter system features with 4 temperature modes (Room temp, 110℉Warm, 170℉Hot, Boiling) to serve different water needs, including but not limited to hot tea, coffee, baby formula, etc. Different water temperatures allow you to brew a variety of drinks that deliver best tastes. Dispensing volume is also selectable. Touch the dispense button to collect 10oz water and press hold the button for 3 secs for 18oz water.
【100% Safety】The countertop drinking water filter passes UL test and features with a high temp safety lock. You need to unlock the safety lock firstly to collect heated water, and it will auto-lock after finishing dispensing, thus protect from any burning or scalding risks. Besides, S2305 water filtration adopts anti-dry burning protection, there will be several drops of water flowing out after touching for stop dispensing heated water, which is designed to protect the system and is normal.
【Compact & Easy Set Up】Thanks to its compact and space-saving design S2305 hot water dispenser with filter can be placed and moved to anywhere in need with power supply available, like office, bedroom, kitchen, rv and more. The fully-assembled filter water dispenser system does not require any installation, but only super easy set up. All you need is to plug it in and flush the cartridge for the first time use.

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