The important etiquette of drinking coffee in general, do not know to save it

When you drink coffee in a cafe, the coffee is usually served in a cup with a saucer. You can pour milk into the cup and add sugar, then pick up the coffee spoon and stir it well, then put the spoon into the saucer and pick up the cup to drink.

Coffee served at the end of a meal is usually served in a pocket-sized cup. These small cups have smaller lugs that your fingers cannot fit through. But even with larger cups, you don't need to put your fingers through the ears and then lift the cup. The correct way to hold a coffee cup is to use your thumb and forefinger to hold the cup by the handle and lift it up.

When adding sugar to coffee, if it is granulated sugar, use a spoon to scoop it up and add it directly to the cup; if it is square sugar, use a sugar holder to hold the sugar on the near side of the coffee plate, and then use a coffee spoon to put the sugar into the cup. If you put the sugar cubes into the cup directly with the sugar clip or by hand, sometimes the coffee may spill out and thus stain your clothes or tablecloth.

After stirring the coffee with the coffee spoon, the spoon should be placed on the outside of the saucer so as not to interfere with the coffee. You should not let the coffee spoon stay in the cup and then pick up the cup to drink, which is not only unsightly, but also easy to make the coffee cup spill over. Do not use a coffee spoon to drink coffee, because it is only used to add sugar and stir.

Do not use the coffee spoon to mash the sugar in the cup.

If the freshly brewed coffee is too hot, stir it gently in the cup with a coffee spoon to cool it down or wait for it to cool naturally before drinking it. Trying to cool the coffee with your mouth is a very unseemly action.

The cups and saucers used to serve coffee are specially made. They should be placed in front of or to the right of the drinker, with the ears pointing to the right. When drinking coffee, you can use your right hand to hold the ears of the cup and your left hand to gently hold the saucer and slowly move to your mouth to sip, remembering not to make a sound.

Of course, sometimes there are some special circumstances. For example, if you are sitting in a sofa away from the table and it is not convenient to use both hands to hold the coffee, you can make some adaptations. You can use your left hand to place the coffee plate at chest level, and use your right hand to hold the coffee cup to drink. After drinking, you should immediately put the coffee cup in the coffee saucer, do not let the two separate.

When adding coffee, do not pick up the coffee cup from the saucer.

Sometimes you can have some snacks with your coffee. But don't hold the coffee cup in one hand and the snack in the other, alternating between eating a bite and drinking a bite. You should put down the snack when you drink coffee and put down the coffee cup when you eat the snack.

In the coffee house, behave in a civilized manner and do not stare at others. Talk as softly as possible, and never talk loudly without regard to the occasion.

Post time: Apr-27-2023